Running down the site one by one

I know this blog is quite well found and read in the internet. But I think there comes a time to acknowledge the information provided is no longer valid and interesting. What comes to the Fujifilm film simulations, and recipes made out of them, I did not much explore that part and gladly left in the early phases this kind of thing to others. I personally concentrated to making styles for Capture One and my new blog is centered on that theme.

All my current Capture One -styles are on the new blog. I removed most of the content from these pages as there practically is a new version of my creations offered and the old ones aren’t necessary to be kept here.

I though I’ll leave some posts still active here, just to make it possible to find the new site :-). See you there.


Modern K64 III Capture One -style

I have been tuning some Portra based Capture One -styles and Kodachrome 64 based Capture One -style parallel to each other. I wanted to create a good base setting for the Capture One color wheel that I could use tuning many other styles too. I published the Portra 400 look-a-like style already, and it is time to publish my efforts with the Kodachrome 64 look. This time I used a quite good reference scan as my base and I think the accuracy of colors in this style is quite high compared to the original scan.

You can find the post and style in my other blog:

Go check it out 🙂

A quick link to my new version of P400 Capture One -style, on my other blog :-)

This is a totally new reconstruction of Portra 400 look, or more precisely, the colorscape of Portra 400. Go check it out. The old one (P400 III) has some color problems that I have become aware of, and it just don’t work with every scene. Hopefully this one does it :-).

New version of Portra 400 looking Capture One -style available in my other blog…

I was happy to finish and be able to share a new, improved version of the P400 Capture One -style, now at it’s third iteration. Go download and try it. Free as always.

Obsolete III Capture One -style

This style is having it’s third iteration. It has been an ongoing study of making a Kodachrome look-a-like style for Capture One. The first and second iterations had beautiful look but at the same time there were some color problems that I first could not figure out. This third iteration comes right at the heels of the second iteration and finally I think I solved the problems I had with the colors. These problems were technical problems that were caused by my mistake of making overlapping colors in color editor. The third iteration is still beautiful to me, but I lost a bit of deepness in certain colors when I corrected the look. Still, this is worth publishing and especially, while a bit different from the previous iterations, it gives beautiful alternative for my other styles. And I hope I can finally leave this style in it’s current state.

And here is the link to download the style:

Fujifilm X-H1 – My long time experiences

My recent switch to Nikon Z full-frame camera has taken my thoughts off from Fujifilm cameras, but I wrote part of this text before the switch so I thought why not share it. This is a long term review of the X-H1.


I am a hobby photographer. I admit that technology and gear interests me at least as much as the process of photography. I have no real clear goals with photography. For me photography means mostly getting rid of the surroundings and other thoughts and I can concentrate, almost meditate, around the subjects and photo taking process. What I would like to photograph is tabletop still life, but building a home studio has been delayed because of the COVID. I have photographed and taken videos of my daughter riding a horse. Maybe that has been the biggest deciding factor to which gear I have at the moment.

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My dream camera from Fujifilm

After the time spent with a Fujifilm camera and some lenses I have thought through many times the decisions Fujifilm has made with their cameras and lenses. Having read many stories about the decisions and forum posts about them, I have a bit differing opinion what Fujifilm should do next. And this is, at the same time, my dream camera.

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