Acros portrait film simulation and Capture One style

This film simulation is more of a theoretical one for me, as I do not take much portraits and if I do, they won’t be in B&W.

I had access to some beautiful portrait RAFs and decided to tune an Acros film simulation to look good for this genre (or at least the style the portraits were taken and lighted). I made the setting at the same time in-camera and in C1 to get as close match as possible. I Still decided that the C1 style should be taken a bit farther and therefore my film simulation is just tiny bit “simpler” in look than the C1 style. You can grab the C1 style here with my other Fuji film simulation styles:

The in-camera settings I saw best for the classical beauty-portrait were the following:

Film simulation: Acros (yes, the basic version without color filters)

Highlights: -1

Shadows: -1

Sharpness: +1

Grain setting: No additional grain (Acros has a smart grain structure baked in)

Auto White Balance Shift: Red 0, Blue 0 (yes, better control the underlying white balance even when You use b&w settings)

Remember, that You need the Fuji version of Capture One to use the style.

Acros film simulation, Tallinn

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