Astia film simulation

At first, after I had bought my Fuji X-H1, I thought the Astia film simulation is useless to me. It wasn’t as interesting in nature photography as Velvia, and it was quite heavy on colors to be used in photographs that included people or our white horse where the Pro Neg High film simulation was spot on.

After getting to know with photos taken with different films, I found that I wanted to tweak the film simulations more towards some of my favorite films. I began to like three different films, of which one was Kodak’s Vision3 500 ISO tungsten film (goes also by the name Cinestill 800). No, I don’t like the tungsten color balance in that film, but the look, when color corrected, got me deep. I was obsessed with the idea of getting the look with my digital photos. That time i tried again Astia, if it could at some settings offer the look I was after. Astia, after all, had strong colors, as the Vision3 film, but it was too saturated and too contrasty. No, I didn’t manage to tweak Astia that far, but in the meantime I found I liked a lot of a version of Astia that had it’s saturation and contrast tuned down. So I ended with this film simulation setting presented here.

My Astia Film simulation uses the following in-camera settings:

Highlights: -1

Shadows: -1

Colors: -2

Sharpness: 0

Grain: According to the subject, 0, weak or strong (the look maybe is best at strong)

AWB Shift: mostly R+1, B-2 to get a slight yellow cast that enhances the look to be quite warm

I use the following photo with all the film simulations and Capture One styles as an example:

Astia film simulation, Esplanadinpuisto, Helsinki

In my search for the Vision3 look my best effort was this before I got Capture One:

Astia film simulation, Matinsilta, Helsinki

No, it wasn’t the look I was after, but I finally started to like Astia, as I get quite moody photos with it.

Here are other samples with the simulation:

Astia film simulation, Apples


Astia film simulation, Windowsill


You can grab this film simulation style for Capture One here (You have to have Fuji version of Capture One):

I had new hope for getting the look I was after, when I got Capture One. I now have made a Capture One style for me, that is satisfactorily close to the Vision3 look. But that, my dear, is another story to be told.

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