Fuji Velvia film simulation

There is probably nothing I could add to the vast information available of this film and film simulation. I personally don’t care if the simulation is accurate representation of the film or not, but I really love the bold colors of this film simulation. I use Velvia for anything nature related.

My preferred setting for the film simulation in-camera is a lowered shadow contrast setting with strengthened colors. The reds do look too strong in the simulation, but who cares, it is it’s nature. I never add any grain to Velvia as I don’t see it adding anything worthy to the image. I prefer AWB of Red +1, Blue -2 with Velvia.

My settings in-camera are the following:

Highlights: 0

Shadows: -1

Color: +2

Sharpness: +2

Fuji’s in-camera settings are quite contrasty when the highlights and shadows are set at 0. I mostly lower at least the shadow value because I want my photos to show details even in dark (shadow) areas. There are of course subjects and situations where I want darker shadows, but that can be easily tweaked when photographing in RAW (I use RAW+Fine JPEG setting almost always especially as I want to be able to change the color balance afterwards according to the subject). The following photo could use a bit higher shadows settings (maybe 0), but my preferred Velvia setting looks good even with lower contrast, I think.

Velvia film simulation, Domestic pigeon, Tallinn

Velvia and Astia film simulations do both capture strong blues. I would probably choose Astia just because of that for the following photo, but other colors work better with Velvia.

Velvia film simulation, Mallards, Mätäjoki, Helsinki

I have this film simulation set up in-camera in one of the seven slots. It works for landscapes very well too:

Velvia film simulation, Viikki nature reserve area, a bird paradise in Helsinki

This setting also works for photos where there is strong backlight:

Velvia film simulation, Central Park, Helsinki

I just love how there is golden details available in the shadows too.

My preferred settings are probably far from what most fujitographers choose as I am in minority with my lowered shadows settings.

One thing I must add. I use now Capture One a lot, especially as I am trying to make some styles that cannot be succesfully achieved with in-camera settings. Even though I can usually find some enhancements to most of the film simulations compared to the in-camera processing, Velvia looks very good out of camera and I preferably use Fujifilm’s X RAW studio to tweak the Velvia settings than Capture One. I am all in for the Fuji’s own in-camera processing and find that I mostly don’t need separate RAW converter (like Capture One).

Well, this was my first post and hopefully can do more posts showing more film simulations and Capture One styles I use.

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