Monochrome+R film simulation

All the merit for this particular film simulation setting goes to Kevin Mullins that calls this setting “Padilla” after Darcy Padilla. You can check Kevin’s thoughts and photos taken with this setting in his site

Why posting about the same simulation setting then? I want to list in my blog the simulations I like and use and give some more photos to show how the setting looks like.

I also give here a link to grab my own tweaked Capture One styles that use Fuji’s film simulation styles as basis (You need the Fuji version of Capture One to use these settings):

Get the styles here:

The in-camera settings are the following:

Highlights: 0

Shadows: +3

Sharpness: +1

Grain: Strong

Strong shadows and pronounced texture:

Monochrome+R film simulation, Apples

Again the texture of the concrete wall gets a boost with this simulation setting (the grain affects here a lot):

Monochrome+R film simulation, Pasila Railway Station, Helsinki


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