NS160 – My Fuji Pro 160NS look a like Capture One style

Edit 12.6.2020: I removed the photos and download link from this post to preserve space for new articles as this style has now newer versions.

Of all real photography films, past or present, I have some favorite looks. Some of them are available as styles for Capture One, or at least there are different approaches to simulate the films, some not.

One of my favorite looks is Fujifilm Pro 160NS, which has interestingly unique pastel -like colors and beautiful skin tones. Definitely difficult to simulate, especially for me as I have no direct comparison photos taken with the film and my digital camera.

There are commercially available styles that are already doing fine job at simulating the film. So why bother, You might ask.

Well, for me the hobby around photography is not primarily to take a certain photo, but I love gear and tech and challenges as much as taking photos. And I love high fidelity thinking in photography even though my photos are mostly junk and don’t interest anyone else but me.

And I love to be in control of the look I choose for my photos. That means I mostly want or settle with a look that is a bit different than what is already available.

Well, back to the 160NS. I had already taken some spices from the pastel look that 160NS has into my Fuji/Kodak Hybrid style. It somehow sounded logical to continue tinkering the Fuji part of that look towards a style that looks more fully Fuji.

I have already stated that the reds in 160NS film are too exaggerated to my taste, to an extent I personally see them as – well – ugly. And still the look otherwise is uniquely wonderful. In the hybrid style I used “Kodak” reds in proportion I liked and avoided this problem. But this time I needed to make a decision how much red I could tolerate. My decision was to tune the reds down, but not totally flattening the image.

160NS film was popular for people photography. I don’t take much photos of people and cannot show how my style works with people photos, but I have used many skin type photos to tune and test it.

I don’t claim I have achieved a good simulation of the Fuji 160NS film. You might want to try the style Mastin Labs offers if a good simulation is important to You. For me it was important to achieve some key spices of that film in a well balanced style. And only because I want to identify my styles so that I can remember them easily, I have used the Fuji’s 160NS in the name.

This style uses Capture One standard Icc profile so it should work with other cameras and Capture one versions than my Fuji X-H1 and the Fuji version of Capture One I use. But any feedback concerning the tecnical compatibility is appreciated. Especially I would love to know how this worked with Fuji Express version of Capture One, as I at the moment have the subscription based Fuji Pro version but might revert back to the Express version ar some point.

3 thoughts on “NS160 – My Fuji Pro 160NS look a like Capture One style”

    1. Capture One is greatly ignored on blogs talking about Fuji. Hopefully it will change as it works so well with Fuji RAWs. Nice to get feedback, thanks!


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