My Capture One Kinematography styles

The idea to try and make this Capture One style sprung in my mind when I watched a document of the very early films taken with Kinematography, the device used by Lumiere brothers. I saw interesting B&W scenes that somehow were very contrasty, but at the same time included a lot of hues. I thought, why would this look not be possible in color. So I went to Capture One to see what I could achieve. I took the K14 style and tweaked to my hearts content (actually, only some minutes 🙂 ). I ended up with two different versions, lighter and darker. Neither of them were truly what I was after and somehow lost my interest to continue. But as time went by I tried those work in progress styles on different subjects, and to my amazement found them very useful and giving interesting look to my photos. Both of them worked in color and black and white.

Kinematography High Color, Tallinn, Estonia

I might one day go further into the original idea to tune this look, but now I have my new styles that could be called high-contrast versions of the K14 style, but I call them Kinematography styles just because they were born from the idea of that certain look.

You can get the styles here, if You find them useful:

You’ll find four styles, High and Low versions and those both in Color or B&W versions. The styles are tuned with Fuji version of Capture One Pro and I used Standard profile as it should give similar look for every camera as long as You change the camera profile according to Your camera. Please give feedback how those worked for You.

The low versions give more detail and moody look.

Kinematography Low Color, Tobacco

The High versions are wilder and don’t give a d… for being polite. They express what they were to express. And they are nearer the look I was after originally.

Kinematography High Color, Red Tricycle

In B&W the High version gives suberb contrast for details and the slight graininess feels just right, there is no need to exaggerate the grain when the contrast is so nice.

Kinematography High B&W, Stairs

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