Earth Tones Capture One -style (updated 26.9.2019)

I am not so fond of the usual color gradings taken from cinematic purposes to photographs. One of those not-liked-by-me grading is the very common Orange-Teal look. So, why did I jump into the bandwagon? Just because of the challenge. This style I now offer here is probably a Work In Progress -style that will be tweaked when my understanding of the subject grows and I get better hang of the Capture One’s capabilities. Very simple play with colors and tones and curves and I am one step at a time approaching the so called Earth Tones with my style.

Apples, Earth Tones v0

One person reminded me couple of days ago that it is a big challenge to make an Earth Tones -style that works in different kind of photos. So it usually is with all the film simulation recipes and Capture One styles. They work for some pictures and others not so well. Hopefully You find this style working for at least some of Your pictures. If You think there is a direction where to develope this style, give me a comment. I might be out of ideas at the moment.

Esplanadin puisto, EarthTones v0

I offer all my styles here for free. I would love to see more and more styles available for free, styles that are balanced and well thought out. Of course there are a lot of free styles available to promote some fuller style packs, some of them being excellent. I think I have collected over 60 styles from those free packs. My only pack that I have purchased is the Classic Presets’ Classic Film Styles for Capture One, a pack that I do recommend. There are wonderful interpretations of some very nice films. It is good to pay those working to give You so nice options, but I also hope that community would make Capture One styles just for fun and challenge.

I have three versions of this available in the link below. V0 is the one shown in the pictures and the v1 with two variants are newer updates. V1 has a bit more refined contrast, grain structure and clarity settings:

Edit: I usually want to find some film simulation -setting that I can use to previsualize the final look in-camera. I couldn’t find suitable setting before I started to tweak the Eterna film simulation. But I found quite convincing film simulation setting for previsualizing the look. I admit I mostly don’t like strong color tint, and a color tint alone cannot replicate the colors I created for this style in Capture One. The film simulation setting follows:

Eterna Film Simulation
Highlights -1
Shadows +2
Color +4
Sharpness -2
Dynamic Range 100 or 200
AWB Shift R2, B-4
Grain effect WEAK
Noise Reduction -4
Exposure Compensation 0

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