Classic contrast B&W Capture One -style (updated 12.10.2019)

This was a quick edit. I usually go with low-contrast look with my photos, mainly to preserve the shadows from getting totally black. But after I had some inspiration of looking photos taken with Ilford FP4, I decided to try if I can find similar look that has higher contrast shadows that won’t go totally black. I deviated quite soon from the FP4, not trying to simulate it, as I was satisfied with less flat midrange and highlights. And I anyway liked the contrast and structure (grain and clarity) of the outcome. Maybe with another project I can approach closer the FP4. I call the look achieved “classic contrast”, comparing to my usual low-contrast edits.

The style uses Capture One’s Film Standard curve and probably works with any version of Capture One, and should work for example with Capture One Express Fujifilm version. Anyway, I would like to have feedback how the style worked for You and Your setup.

You can get the style from here (I updated the zip and it now contains an experimental faded version that I tried to make resemble an outdated film. 12.10.2019 I updated v2 to have more “analogue” look):

In-camera setting closest to the Capture One -style:
Highlights +2
Shadows +1
Color N/A
Sharpness +2
Dynamic Range 100
AWB Shift R0, B0
Grain effect WEAK
Noise Reduction -4
Exposure Compensation 0

This setting should give quite good approximate what the final look is, though the red filter changes some colours.

Couple of photos treated with the C1 style:

A pony, Ruskeasuo, Helsinki, Classic Contrast B&W -style, XF35mm F1.4
Street view, Helsinki, Classic Contrast B&W -style, XF35mm F1.4
Abandoned stuff, Classic Contrast B&W -style

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