My Prime Color Capture One -style

As a Fujifilm camera user I have used the Classic Chrome film simulation for some photos, but I have envied people that get the best out of that film simulation. I haven’t found it to work in my photos and have neglected it mostly nowadays. But the temptation to the simulation has been great and I have began to think how the simulation should be changed so that I could find it fit for my use. One hindrance has been that I have intuitively thought, that I have to start from the scratch, and not by just tweaking the version that Capture One Fujifilm version has. And I haven’t been able to replicate the original look so far, so there hasn’t been any possibility to tweak it further either.

Finally couple of days ago I started a new style project from the scratch. I tried to replicate the “good” parts of the Classic Chrome and think through what I wanted to be changed. I didn’t have much hopes that the final look would be any better than the Classic Chrome and most probably it would be just another style that gets deleted. But after some tinkering I was able to create a balanced look that takes it’s spices partly from the Classic Chrome, but is more pleasing to me, for my use.

The look is made towards urban or people photograhy use, so not for example nature/landscape use. It has partly muted colors like the Classic Chrome. The style empasizes blue and red colors. This style got it’s grain and clarity settings from my newly developed Classic Contrast B&W -style.

VM_PrimeColor Deep Contrasty, Leaves, XF 50mm F2

I am really excited of the look and I decided to name it “Prime Color” because it seems to be a style that I am going to use a lot in the future. But the look could not be so universal with only one version, being either too bright or too dark for some photos. The bright version seemed to work with about 70% of my photos and the deeper and more contrasty versions worked for the rest. So, I offer three versions of the look and their difference is in the brightness and contrast only. The colors and grain etc are the same.

You can get the styles from here:

Here we have a some photos using these styles:

VM_PrimeColor Bright, Kivimiehet (Stone Men) of Helsinki Central Railway Station, XF 35mm F1.4 @ F8
VM_PrimeColor Deep, Kivimiehet (Stone Men) of Helsinki Central Railway Station, XF 35mm F1.4 @ F8
VM_PrimeColor Deep Contrasty, Kivimiehet (Stone Men) of Helsinki Central Railway Station, XF 35mm F1.4 @ F8
VM_PrimeColor Deep grainy, mushrooms, XF 35mm F1.4 @F4

You can find more photos taken with this style from my Flickr stream:

2 thoughts on “My Prime Color Capture One -style”

    1. This style is very similar to the Classic Chrome and with certain settings they don’t differentiate so much. There are lots of people using the Classic Chrome everyday and they make excellent images with it, and they are happy with that film simulation. My emphasis with the look goes beyond what You can do to tweak the image in-camera. There are differences in colors, curves and grain/clarity “structure” of the final image to suit my taste. Especially the grain is what makes me happy with the look. Some of those You might edit in future Fujifilm cameras. though, like the X-PRO3, where there are said to be some settings for clarity and curves. But as the Capture One Express for Fujifilm is free and this style is “free”, why not try it and compare to the Classic Chrome photos You have taken and decide which look is better for You.

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