Making worse images deliberately – or endorsing imperfections

Most of my styles so far have been according to the trend making the photos look sharp and “defined” with raised clarity. Having just read an article about digital B&W photography’s quest for raised contrast and sharpness counteracting the mood, tonality and expression possible with less “defined” look, I started question some choices I have made when making my styles. There are places and need for the sharp and contrasty photos, but how many times You are willing to deliberately “worsen” the image to carve out the expression of it instead of getting “likes” for Your perfect photos?

I made my first step to study this subject by using negative structure under the clarity settings with many of my styles. I found that quite strong negative setting affected the B&W photos making them look more analogue without affecting the desired contrast setting and even without changing “sharpness” significantly. The overall sharpness of’course is lowered with negative clarity structure. Though my change here is only one step towards more analogue look, it seems interesting and big enough change to make new styles based on the change.

At this point I updated the Classic Contrast B&W -style to version 2 having this lowered clarity structure -setting. You might want to try how much the look changes. The updated styles are available here (both the “sharp” v1 and the new less sharp v2):

I think one of the most useful scenarios for this look is in street photography. Tell me in the comments, what Your thoughts are of the subject and do You see this change in the look useful.

Tallinn, Estonia, VM_ClassicContrast B&W v2, XF35mm F1.4 @F4

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