Velvia -style for city nights

If You like me live in a city and work during daylight hours and have to be “out” at times when there is no natural light You either don’t photograph or have to settle for scenes with artificial light. But the look of these scenes photographed usually look a lot blander than what You see them to be. For me it is a call for a new style.

This style supposes that most of the scene is underexposed. If You use this style for well lit daylight scenes it just looks too bright. But You can get interesting look even with well and evenly exposed scenes if You underexpose the photo.

VM_FujiCurve Velvia Deep v0

This style started as an individual tweak for one night time street shot. I was very happy with the look and later forgot the effort I used for that particular shot. But when I photographed more urban night time scenes I tried all possible styles and found none working for the photos. Then I remembered this individual tweak I made and now I decided to save it as a style to be able to use it for those other scenes. And it seems to work quite well universally for scenes where there are bright lights in dark surrounding.

Velvia looks beautiful and it’s bold colors give needed intensity for the bright neon lights.

VM_FujiCurve Velvia Deep v0

This scene was the origin of this style. It has perfectly the look I was after.

VM_FujiCurve Velvia Deep v0

I encourage to experiment with the style for different scenarios but remember that the exposure affects the look radically. I for example found environmental portraits under artificial light interesting with this style.

VM_FujiCurve Velvia Deep v0

I feel sorry for those that don’t own a Fujifilm camera and can’t access the film simulations in Fujifilm version of Capture One as then Velvia is out of reach. But in case You have Fujifilm version of Capture One, You can use this tweaked version of Velvia too and You can download the style from this link. Give feedback if You feel so.

6 thoughts on “Velvia -style for city nights”

    1. Hi. So far I haven’t been able to confirm if the Lightroom presets are made by Fujifilm or in collaboration with Fujifilm. That is partly because I haven’t used Lightroom during the time I have owned a Fuji camera so haven’t given much thought to the subject. So my, maybe wrong, understanding was that the simulations offered with Capture One were the first official one’s made by Fujifilm. Anyway, my tweaks aren’t available for Adobe products, but they should work also with the free Fujifilm Express version so they can be tested totally free even if You aren’t interested to buy Capture One.


      1. Yes I have. It’s a wonderful tool to test different in-camera settings to find Your preferred ones. Of course and sadly it is limited to what You can do in-camera.


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