Modern and Prime ColorFilm -styles

I’ve done quite a lot of tweaking to my Prime and Modern color -styles in search of some way to break the digital look more to an analog look. I guess You would need some magic tools in the microcontrast department to achieve more analogue look, but I’ve made my attempts with the available tools I am familiar.

I’ve applied split toning and negative structure for clarity for these styles. The styles are based on my previous PrimeColor -style and ModernColor -style. Both these styles were treated with cool tone (CT) and warm tone (WT) split toning. And I made both no grain and “grainy” -versions of the styles. That makes a total of 8 styles. The cool tone -version is my favorite and “tuned” by me. The warm-tone -version is practically using Capture One’s original “Velvety Warm” color balance -settings and probably has it’s moments as most people like warm toned images. The grainy versions set themselves apart with the Capture One’s Cubic Grain, being quite strong and has been chosen because of it’s thicker structure.

The ModernColorFilm -style is based on the ModernColor -style. My idea in the beginning was not to publish the ModernColor -style, but tweaks based on it. This tweak was supposed to be published first, but I wasn’t sure if I really like to publish this style in it’s current state, and decided to publish the ModernColor -style first.

Now that I’ve tried these split toned styles I’ve decided to publish them. They give diversity to the available styles while they in themselves still might be a work in progress what comes to the look I am trying to achieve (and maybe never satisfactorily achieve).

ModernColorFilm WT grainy

As a side note Fujifilm has published a new film simulation Classic Negative with their newest cameras. I’ve only had a chance to test the film simulation in Capture One, and what I found out is that is quite similar with the Classic Chrome film simulation but having a bit more colour and warmer overall tone. I strongly believe that the Classic Negative film simulation is going to replace the Classic Chrome for many people as I see this new simulation giving more interesting tones and colors to an image. My take on the Classic Negative is though (based on the Capture One rendering) that it really isn’t convincing me to believe it resembles a real color negative film, as the NC is really unsaturated film simulation. But to my surprise the look and tone of that film simulation resembles a bit of the warm tone -version of PrimeColorFilm -style on offer here. This is purely coincidental on my part 🙂 . My styles aren’t actually as 3D in their look as the Classic Negative and that surely might be one thing I would like to change in these styles. Again I am back against the wall as I haven’t at the moment figured out what to do to the look to get there.

You can download these styles from here:

Here we have some samples of these styles:

Left ModernColorFilm CT. Right ModernColorFilm WT.
Left PrimeColorFilm CT. Right PrimeColorFilm WT.

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