P160, or my brown Portrakind of style for Capture One (updated 11.2.2020)

Update 11.2.2020: I included a color neutral version of this style in the package. I should have done it right away, but for some reason did not even think about it then. But now is now and I think the color neutral version is a nice addition for portrait shooting.

In my endless quest to find beautiful look for styles I went through what kind of looks I have made so far. Comparing to the most popular Fujifilm film simulation “recipes” I acknowledged that many film simulation setups for Fuji cameras seem to be based on color balance that looks brownish. People like brownish, for sure :-).

P160 -style

Now, what film does brownish photos look like? While I understand the Kodachrome look is identified many times as brownish, and I have done my K14 style having the aesthetic of Kodachrome in my mind, my thoughts go to Portra 160 when I see that color cast.

I do have one style that I have bought for Capture One that is supposed to look like Portra 160. But I thought I would love to start from the scratch and see where my eyes and mind takes me to. I wanted the look be low-contrast so that it fits into the “portrait” category (and to deviate clearly from the K14 style), but I didn’t want to set up other restrictions, except that I wanted the color cast to be brownish.

Left P160 -style, Middle NS160 -style and Right K14 -style

I ended up with a style that is worth sharing, I think. The brownish look is “counteracted” in highlights and certainly the best amount of color cast is always subjective, so one might like the look of this style, or not. I tested it with vast amount of photographs of different types, including people photographs. And the style works for many kind of photos, not only portraiture. It was funny to try my other “portrait” kind of style, the NS160 -style for same photos. The look and colorscape of these two styles is very very different, but for some odd reason they both looked good, there was only a decision of what kind of look You are after.

Left P160 style and Right NS160 -style
Left P160 -style and Right NS160 -style

I do not have people photos that I can publicly share. But try this if You are adventurous type. And please give feedback if You feel so.

The link for the new P160 -style is here:

If You haven’t already downloaded the NS160 or K14 -styles, they are here:

NS160 style:

K14 -style:

Addition 23.11.2019:
I wanted to test if I could find some in-camera -setting to give WYSIWYG -information of how the final look will be in Capture One. Of course You cannot match the look of Capture One -style as the possibilities to tweak colors in-camera is very limited compared to a good RAW-editor. But the following settings give quite good similarity with the style so You can save an in-camera setting to Your Fuji camera:

Image Quality FINE
Push/Pull (exposure compensation) +1/3EV
Dynamic Range DR100 or DR200 (I’d bet DR200 but tested only DR100)
Film Simulation ASTIA/SOFT
Grain Effect WEAK
White Balance AS SHOT WB
WB Shift R:6,B:-3
Highlight Tone -2
Shadow Tone -1
Color -3
Sharpness -2
Noise Reduction -4

Just to remind: don’t expect this in-camera setting to be so good that You could live with the SOOC photos. This setting is not meant to be a final look (the final look is achieved with the Capture One -style).

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