Bleach ByPass -style

When rumors came that Fujifilm is including a Bleach ByPass -look into their new X-T4 camera, I started researching what the heck is Bleach ByPass. Though I have shot a lot of film in the past times I practically never used any tricks with the films. Those times cross-processing was a famous practice, but of Bleach ByPass I never heard of.

Anyway, now I searched the subject and found out that:

  • I do not like the look much (the look with real film)
  • There still is something stylish that You could carve out of a photo with such technique (as many interpretations of the look in digital era show)

What a dilemma! Should I really try making one?

My goal with my Capture One -styles have been that they don’t use layers and as such are readily usable with the Capture One Express -version (unpaid version). And this technique strongly suggests using color and B&W layers (or double exposure) to achieve the look.

I tinkered around with color and luminosity curves and found out that I was able to achieve a style I like with single exposure (or single layer). But it wasn’t easy to find “universal” style that works widely with different kind of photos.

Dam in Vanha Kaupunki, Helsinki, VintageK Bleach ByPass, XF50mm F2 @ F2

One important thing I found out is that the original style used for this look, actually the colorscape of it, is in big role. If I take for example Velvia as a base I am not going to achieve what I was after. Fujifilm after all chose the very unsaturated film simulation Eterna as a base and similarly I ended choosing my VintageK-style as my base for this style.

Now, this style is very unsaturated and with raised contrast. While (real?) bleach bypass technique is such, my idea in the end was not to make an emulation of the Bleach ByPass techique but pick the berries and find an aesthetics that lies in the unsaturated look. So, after lots of tries and failures I found a look I like and even decided to share.

One important comment when using this style is that You should use the exposure and brightness sliders to find out the best under or overexposure for Your photo. This style seems to allow washed away looks with overexposure and such works quite well with some subjects.

I still hesitate about this style. It cannot be used widely with different kind of photos, especially anything beautiful looks ugly with this. But it has it’s own character and I found many many photos I liked with this kind of style. You’ll be the judge how it works for You. Me, I like my original VintageK -style a lot and find this style an interesting addition to my other styles. But mostly this was an experiment that I think ended quite succesfully.

Here is the link to the new style:

And some more photos I processed with this style:

A pony in Ruskeasuo, Helsinki, XF50-140mm F2.8 @130mm F3.2
Apples, XF50-140mm F2.8 @95mm F2.8

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