Homage -style for Capture One

We all have seen those black and white masterpieces from the yesteryears. During certain times the photos didn’t shine with technical perfection, but were more about situation awareness of the photographer, wonderful compositions and intriguing play of light and darkness.


When once again looking through some of those photos I found that I really wanted to see what a modern technique could do to achieve that un-modern look. And a style was about to emerge, a style that would be homage to the photographers that used the un-modern techniques to express their vision.

So, I will, once again, share a Capture One -style. This style is meant to be a play of shadows and light. And it is not meant to be primarily light, but a black canvas where You paint Your story with light. Thus, we are talking about deliberate underexposure. The style is already underexposed 1/3 of a stop. And that is meant to encourage You to underexpose more when Your final creation needs it. And of course not all subjects work here. But with experimentation You might find subjects that are suitable for this style.

You can download this style here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1kcQmf4nzO7r16ze8eLY4xl2mHj6hVO0w

Please share Your thoughts after using it. And if You find it working for You, please share links to Your pics. My photos are quite limited and I would especially like to use it for street photography, but having work and family duties my photography is in very low priority in my life. Hopefully this attempt of an old look is useful for others as is or as an idea to find Your own style :-).

P.S. I haven’t compared if there is already available a similar style somewhere for C1, but I achieved this style quite fast using one of my color styles as a template. The style is murky and grainy and one thing is sure: if You find beauty in the photos, it is in the subject, not in the style. And while I think I achieved partly what I was after, it REALLY is difficult to hide the analytical look of digital files. So, we are talking about Work in Progress with such a style 🙂




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