Nostalgic Color -style for Capture One

This time I share a Capture One -style, that I developed some time ago, but haven’t had enough inspiration to publish earlier. This style is not meant to resemble any certain look or film. But at the same time it is meant to look like a generic color negative film of yesteryears, bringing nostalgic look for Your modern photos.

It goes hand-in-hand in this with my recent styles like Homage and VintageK -styles. While VintageK -style is very unsaturated, this one is quite bold in color department. All these late attempts of mine to create a “film-look” have quite high grain. If You are picky You might want to try this with lower grain settings, but I think this style calls for such a high grain as is offered. The red colors especially are pronounced and thus this style is not “suitable” for portrait photography where skin tones are in important role. But again, this is meant to bring You nostalgic look with the colors and not look like modern digital photos.

Hopefully You also see this worth sharing. It looks like I have only one style left cooking after this. If You have any ideas what kind of styles would You like to see here, throw Your ideas in the comments. 🙂

And here is the link to the style to download it:

Download VM_Nostalgic Color Capture One -style

And some more photos to show the style in action:

Väinämöinen, one of main characters in Finnish National Epic “Kalevala”, Nostalgic Color Capture One -style
Mätäjoki, Nostalgic Color Capture One -style
Cafe chairs, Esplanadi Helsinki. Nostalgic Color Capture One -style.
Life saver. Nostalgic Color Capture One -style.
The men behind the window. Nostalgic Color Capture One -style.

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