fPro and kPro portrait -styles for Capture One

It must be odd that I am not a portrait shooter but I am all the time enticed by that genre to make new styles that are meant to be used for portraits. I like technical challenges and I decided to try making style with following goals:

The style would be specifically meant for portrait shooting and it should have low-contrast look so that it would “flatten” the facial structures and thus it is not meant for “dramatic” look.

The style would be a base for two “color gradings”, one that looks “Fuji” with cooler colors (fPro) and one that looks “Kodak” with warmer colors (kPro).

There is no attempt to simulate any specific film but only play with the colors so that the Fuji look would have more civilized green output than with my NS160 -style while still giving more pastel greens and the Kodak look would have golden brown hue.

Girls behind the window. Left kPro Pushed -style. Right fPro Portrait -style.

I guess I am more happy with the fPro than with the kPro. The latter might need some tuning still, though I probably just like more of a cooler toned photo than warm toned photo. The fPro -style has greens that are more pastel than “life” and The kPro -style has pronounced yellows, thus neither of them are neutral and suitable for “serious” use. But I wouldn’t publish them if I personally would not like the look they give. I found out that the fPro looks nice even with landscapes where a cooler look enhances the mood.

Both styles have “Portrait” -version and a “Pushed” -version. The pushed one has a bit higher contrast and very slightly higher saturation, thus the name “pushed”. I didn’t add any grain for the styles as there was naturally no certain grainy look that I was after and also as these styles could be used for portrait photos adding the grain is not always desirable. The styles are a bit “unbright” and probably benefit from giving positive exposure compensation.

I do not have suitable photos to show and offer them so that You can test the styles with Your photos. Let me know Your thoughts of the styles below.

Link to download the styles:

4 thoughts on “fPro and kPro portrait -styles for Capture One”

  1. Thanks for sharing! Could you share a recipe so that we can set these (especially the fuji portrait style) into the camera directly?


    1. Thanks for commenting! So far I have not even tried what kind of in-camera settings would give similar look. We’ll see about that 🙂


      1. And coming back to the subject… The styles here use split toning, basically the highlights are “neutral” and everything lower has a deliberate color cast. One could dial in some WB shift to have some in-camera film simulation look partly like one of these styles, but overall You could not replicate the colors in-camera. Many in-camera film-simulations do give similar contrast if the highlights and shadows are tuned down. I personally like the Astia film simulation so much that I think I could live with that for most of the portrait photography. But when You decide to go “adventuring” with the look, a good raw-editor is the way to go. I guess many would like to get split toning in the film simulations. But when having split toning, I would ask even more post processing possibilities. And maybe Fuji has to draw a line somewhere. They offer beautiful and balanced film simulations after all. And as the Capture One Express is free for Fuji users, these kind of free styles are easy to use in those cases that the in-camera film simulations seem a bit limited in selection and look.


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