kPro II Capture One -style

This time my tinkering with the Capture One lead me to make an “all purpose” -style. My previous styles have had quite a lot of emphasis towards some certain “look”, were it portrait or “moody” black & white. I took some visual clues from Kodak Portra 800 when making this style, but with quite a limited visual resources for the film I had to form the look more based on my preferences than the film it was inspired.

Orangeria, XF35 F1.4@F4, kPro II Capture One style

This style, despite it’s name, is not based on my previous kPro Portrait style. I started this look from the scratch and the final look took somewhere between 50-100 iterations. I battled most with the amount of red I did get with my first iterations. And I really had to rethink again and again the saturation, lightness and color shifts. This style definitely is not heavily color graded or balanced to be yellow, though it’s color hues are on the warm side, as Kodak films are supposed to be. It’s look is a compromise between neutral and warm. The look is not intended to flatten out facial features like many of my previous “portrait” -styles have aimed to do so it does have a bit more contrast than my portrait oriented styles.

Street advertisement, XF35mm F1.4@F4, kPro II Capture One style

I ended up making two versions of this style. The “normal” version has very refined contrast to cater wide range of scenarios. The pushed version has stronger contrast that I liked during my experiments but could not see versatile enough for an all-purpose look. The grain is also slightly higher with the pushed version. And as the contrast of the pushed version was achieved with RGB-curve, the colors also got a bit more saturation.

Going through hundreds of different kind of photos with this style I would say it works as intended, an all-purpose look. It seems nice with people photos, urban streets, urban night photos, landscapes and even most flower photos, just like one would use a medium speed film in film cameras where there is no sense to change film before the roll is full. There is some intentional color twists going on that prevent it to be color accurate, but overall I see it very balanced and subtly interesting enough to have it’s own name and place in my styles-gallery. I made it for myself, according to my own vision. I did not think at all how any other would see it. But as always after making a usable style I share it here.

Hang around here, XF23mm F1.4@F2, xPro II Capture One style

BTW, just to mention, all my styles so far are offered free and can be used for your own photos, no matter if Your photos make You money or not. I hope my styles also work as an inspiration for Your own styles and please use them freely as a base for anything You want to achieve with Capture One. Only thing I don’t want to see someone claiming the look his, but in the end I have no way to prevent it.

I hope to see how my styles have inspired You and possibly, if any of them have been used in Your photos. Drop a link in the comments so we all can see how You are using Capture One -styles. And if You happen to like this style, or see a direction where to head my style making resources, why not comment.

And lastly, if You had some film photos taken beside digital photos or know such to be available somewhere I would gladly challenge myself trying to get more accurate film looks. I acknowledge that there are good commercial styles available already matching film look, but I just want the challenge more than the result.

Here is the link to download these styles:


2 thoughts on “kPro II Capture One -style”

  1. Thank you very much for sharing your resources. I just got into your website and is very nice, as somebody already commented, I like that you are not in the + side in the simulation settings. I prefer not that much contrast. I will explore your several presets because I think they fit with my style. Thanks again and i will follow up your blog for sure!

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    1. Thank You for taking time to give feedback and for Your kind words! Hopefully You find here some look that works for Your photography. Making these styles has been an interesting hobby and now I can say that I have started to see differently what comes to the colors and overall look of a photo. After some testing feel free to tell what styles or what kind of styles You find useful.


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