NS160 II – a redesign of the Capture One -style

This style has now a newer version.

I have spent some (okay, a lot of) time tweaking the NS160 -style after I had finished the K14 II, kPro II and ColorPlus -styles that are based on Kodak -look. I again looked critically what I had done with the style previously and rethink what I would like to improve there. And a lot did I find to improve.

Herbs, NS160 II

I couldn’t help that I felt the need to tune the colors towards the original Fujfilm 160NS film, that this style is closely related. And I probably swore that I don’t like the reds of the film, didn’t I? Reds, yes, they seem to define so many films. The reds in the K14 -style, that is partly trying to mimick the Kodachrome -films, are the defining factor for the look. And so it is with the Fujifilm 160NS film. The reds of the film are out of proportion, bold, intense and, and, smashing… and so addictive 🙂

Well, red it should be. The style got very much tweaking and changes from the previous version. I wanted to tame the greens, though not eliminating their glorious pastel brightness. And I wanted to change the shadows. The shadows are tuned to taste, to be a bit snappier than the with the original and here I didn’t compare it to the film but used my own judgment. But one interesting feature of the film seems to be the intensity of colors in the lower (shadows) range, and probably some kind of desaturation in the higher range. I could tweak quite rudely the lower range saturation higher but either the Capture One doesn’t offer tools to have “saturation curve” or I just haven’t figured out the way to do it. I used color editor for the shadows, but had to leave the higher areas untouched as color editor would probably have messed the look. Just ignore my last phrase and don’t ask 🙂 Okay, I’ll just explain that I’m learning all the time, but for me the color editor messes colors if the overlapping settings aren’t really well considered. And now the reds are very close to the look in the film.

Juice party over, NS160 II

What I have seen from the film is that it works better for Asian skin tones than the pinky pale red colors I for example have. Sunburned people look like lobsters with this style, so it definitely is not recommended for such. And I think that also black skin tones pick a bit too much red with this style, but one should try if it is too much. So it seem to have been with the original film too. Thus I think the film was meant for Asian markets primarily.

Windowsill still life with corgeous whites in NS160 II -style

Take this style as a study, as that it has been for me. But the look is just beautiful, very, very very sweet. And I like it. I hope, when sharing these studies, that someone else could also appreciate the looks I make. Try it if You already don’t have such look in Your arsenal. This is free after all. For me this is the most accomplished style I have so far created and it probably is my most liked one along with the K14 II -style. And even when there is always something to improve or change, I drop it from my hands at this point for now.

Red Vespa with Fuji colors, NS160 II

There is now a newer version of this style. So I removed the download link.

4 thoughts on “NS160 II – a redesign of the Capture One -style”

    1. So do I. But even if Fuji decided to bake a new pro film simulation into their new cameras this look would be too hardcore and niche. Their decision has been to make those proneg film simulations as neutral looking as possible. And probably their next color pro film simulation would be some kind of overexposed version of 400H film (after the look of many wedding pros). Now I don’t like such look but it would sell their cameras, I guess. With the older cameras using those old film simulations there is too little adjustability to change the look as with a good raw converter.


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