VisionFilm 500D II – new version of the Capture One -style

I have made new versions of my earliest Capture One -styles K14 and NS160. I also wanted to share this new version of the VisionFilm 500D -look that I was very keen to accomplish in the beginning and which was one of the reasons to pay for Capture One Pro.

Windowsill still life, VisionFilm 500D Capture One -style

VisionFilm 500D II is an attempt to mimick the look of Kodak Vision3 500T cinefilm taken into photography use. My approach to the look is that a T (tungsten) version would have been too limiting and as I have seen beautiful photos taken with the film color corrected with an “85” filter I wanted the look to be daylight balanced (thus the letter D in the name). So there is no deliberate color cast in this sense.

A horse, VisionFilm 500D Capture One -style

This is my view how the film looks. And there is nothing scientifical in the approach of making this look, just my preferences. There are some slight intentional color casts going on, and that is based on the fact that people using this film aren’t looking after clinical look but an aesthetics this film offers with it’s unusual color balance. I recommend trying this style with changes to the color balance and see how You like a little “off-balance” look.

I remember in the past decades that the grain was Your enemy and every film having low grain was more desirable. And here we have grain again. The grain is very much part of the aesthetics of the film and removing the grain makes the look less appealing. The look also has very low contrast. I also have, to an extent, copied the look of the “halo”-effect, the inevitable outcome of removing the Remjet-layer from the film during processing, but I haven’t replicated the strong red halo effect, which really is ugly and undesirable. The halo effect is part of the “look” making everything a bit less sharp.

Street view in Helsinki, VisionFilm 500D Capture One -style

What has changed from the previous versions? Actually I didn’t make any notes of it at all. I just made a new version after my preferences and see this a worthy replacement for the older versions. With this style there is no right or wrong, just a style that strongly deviates from the common contrasty “perfect” looks You get when purchasing a style pack. Hope You like this. In case You don’t like or need it, just ignore it. This definitely is useful to be used for people pics, but I guess not all subjects might appreciate the look as much as You as an artist having a variety of tools for Your work.

And the link is below:

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