Earth Tones II Capture One -styles

Earth Tones was a one of the first color color schemes and styles I have made with Capture One. Now that I have made new versions of many of my old styles I decided to look again the Earth Tones -style.

My Mark II of this style didn’t get as much adjustments as I have done to my other styles. But still I saw enough reasons to tune the original look. My old Earth Tones -style was bright (in the sense this kind of style can be seen bright) and grainy. And this is a look I like and continued on to this renewed version. I still wanted to try new waters and made a new clean deep look, which is in many ways quite similar to the K14 II -style. I hope You find these styles useful.

The link to download these new styles is below:

Left, Earth Tones II deep Capture One -style.
Right, Earth Tones II bright and grainy Capture One -style
Above, Earth Tones II deep Capture One -style

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