K Fifties Capture One -style

This is a quick edit and uses the K14 II -style as basis. I browsed through some 50’s Kodachrome photos and decided to try how easily I could approach the look. I saw many photos that were very “heavy” looking with strong color tint being grainy and unsharp. And while I have seen very clean color corrected Kodachrome photos from that era I decided to try the heavy color tinted look :-).

As I said this was a quick one and resembles in the end a lot of the film simulation recipes for Fuji cameras that mimic the Kodachrome look as I used very strong brown tint. Anyway, try it if You like such look and comment below Your findings. This is a very dark style and usually benefits giving a bit positives exposure compensation between +0,33 to +0,67 EV. My example photos here were taken at 0 setting.

The link is below:

Above, K Fifties Capture One -style
Above, K Fifties Capture One -style

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