Nature II Capture One -style

This style is a total remake and does not have anything in common with my previous Nature -style. Actually, I did not much appreciate the previous version as I, at that time, was not able to tweak a satisfactory style for nature photography. I even removed the old post as I do not want to indicate that it should be used for something.

We all have our own preferences and I guess nature photos could be taken and displayed with wide variety of styles. I have loved the Fuji’s film simulation that is named Velvia. I also loved for nature photography, as most of the photographers in the film era, the original Velvia film. My most loved Capture One -style for nature photography has been the one made by the Image Quality Professor, the “Landscape Punch” -style. All these are different in the looks, but common with them is that they deviate from clinical color correct look and emphasize the look in an “acceptable” way.

Nature II Capture One -style

My starting point for my new style was that it didn’t need to be color correct, but still it should be quite “natural” looking. There is also no way to make one contrast curve that works with different kind of nature photography, so I made three. The primary style, Nature II, is very rich in color and it enhances reds and has a bit of a twist in the greens towards pastel greens. It is also quite contrasty.

The Nature II S -style raises the shadows so that some landscapes for example have more visible detail in the shadows. The Nature II HS -style raises the shadows as the S-version, but also lowers the highlights, ending to look that is a bit like HDR. The difference in the contrast was achieved using the Luma-curve so the saturation isn’t affected between the three styles. I guess using Capture One’s HDR -tool might have been easier, but I wanted to practice this with the luma-curve.

Nature II S Capture One -style

It has been a long journey to end up making this style like I did as I have made countless of versions during the year I have made styles for Capture One. One thing common with my previous attempts was that I actually did not have an idea what to do, what I wanted to achieve with the style. For nature photos I personally might be satisfied with the official Velvia -curve for Capture One or the in-camera version, but I wanted this style to be independent of using a Fuji camera. Now that I had a clear idea of what to do with the style, basically not playing too much with tricks, I managed to make a usable style for nature related photography. I think this style works for landscapes and for animals. It isn’t suitable for people photography because of the saturation of red colors. But this wasn’t even meant to be used for such purpose.

I made this style for myself and offer it, as before, for anyone to try. Have fun with this or stick with Your preferred look, the choice is Yours. This is a free style anyway.

The file can be downloaded from here:

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