People -style for Capture One

I’ve done lots of different styles for Capture One. Usually I have a goal where to head to and pursue to get the look I am after. During the process of making a new style for nature-photography I accidentally tweaked a version that wasn’t saturated enough for nature photography, but had a wonderful curve that could be used for example for people photographs. The colors for the nature -style were under the hood but less saturated. And the curve makes facial structures and how the light plays there just perfect. Also skin tones, while they were over the board in the Nature II -style, looked quite good to me with this less saturated version.

I didn’t find a reason to add grain to the style so it is sharp and clean in itself. The style doesn’t have any color balance tweaks, but like with the Nature II -style the reds are pronounced and the greens have a shift towards pastel green. Perfect for outside photographs.

So, without further intro, I’ll share this style. You can download the style here:

“People” Capture One -style
“People” Capture One -style

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