PaleColor Blue Capture One -style

This Capture One -style was a result of inspiration I got when I searched for some trends and common looks for street photography. My first idea was that I would create a high contrast style. The reason for the initial thought was that many many Fuji photographers that use Fuji’s film simulations tune their settings to a very contrasty ones for street photography. But during the hours of browsing different photos I found some interesting low contrast looks that I haven’t explored much with Capture One. At this point I have to mention that I have seen excellent street photographs with almost all kinds of films, styles and setups, and of course the main thing is the subject, not the style or preset used. On the other hand my tunings with Capture One are as much a hobby as the photography itself and I want to set challenges to myself.

Street art, XF23mm F1.4 @F8, PaleColor Blue Capture One-style

This challenge produced a look that many might only see only as “technically bad photography”. And I have to say that I made this for only myself, out of my interest. I see it interesting and useful to get certain look, but no, it isn’t an all-purpose look. Anyway, I share this style also as I have done with my previous styles, however useless it ends up to be for others.

The colorscape “under the hood” is based on my Earth Tones -styles. I did, for the first time ever, use vignetting with this style. The goal of the style is to undress the scene from anything bold and colorful, to concentrate the attention to the subject. It is dark, and pale and grainy, and does not have much in the way of contrast. The color balance leans overall more to the gray blue than anything else, but it has slight warmness in highlights. It could be seen as cinematic color grading and it might look good with 16:9 crop.

Some examples can be seen in this post and the link to download the style is here:

Autumn leaves, XF35mm F1.4 @F8, PaleColor Blue Capture One-style
Older Canon raw-file, Tamron SP 90mm F2.8DiVC, PaleColor Blue Capture One-style
Even older Canon raw-file, Sigma 17-70mm, PaleColor Blue Capture One-style
Canon M raw-file, Voigtländer 90mm APO macro (wonderful lens and I really miss it), PaleColor Blue Capture One-style
Lähteelä (from Sunds birdtower), XF23mm F1.4 @F5.6, PaleColor Blue Capture One-style
Even a street view, XF23mm F1.4 @F4.5, PaleColor Blue Capture One-style
Anglia’s interior through the side window, XF35mm F1.4 @F4, PaleColor Blue Capture One-style
Viikki, Helsinki, XF50-140mm @143mm and @F4, PaleColor Blue Capture One-style
A butterfly in Nuuksio, XF50-140mm @196mm (1.4x TC) and @F4, PaleColor Blue Capture One-style

2 thoughts on “PaleColor Blue Capture One -style”

    1. Hi! With my X-H1 the nearest settings I can think of are the following: Eterna, -2/3 EV underexposure, Grain Effect Strong, Auto White Balance with a shift of R-3, B-1, DR 200, Highlight Tone +3, Shadow Tone -1, Color -4, Sharpness +4, Noise Reduction -4.

      The color shift is only “approximate”, though, as the C1 -style uses three different color shifts (shadows, mid-tones, and highlights). The contrast cannot be very similar as the C1 uses refined contrast curve that the camera cannot replicate and there is no way to get vignetting from camera settings (maybe some filter or some “tight” vintage lens could add vignetting). With newer cameras the contrast could be refined more with microcontrast (clarity) settings, but I cannot verify it’s effect with my “older” camera. And finally even the colorscape is different in the C1 -style compared to the Eterna.

      But as Eterna is meant for “cinematic” use, it is quite obvious candidate to play with in this case even though the outcome is not very similar.

      It would be lovely to get to tune the in-camera film simulations according to my own taste.

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