Strong Contrast B&W Capture One -style

This Capture One -style was actually ready before the latest style, the PaleColor Blue. But I wanted to be sure if I really like this one with the chosen settings and publish it now. I have made quite many black&white styles for Capture One. Some of them have been very low contrast like the DoubleA -style and some have had different interpretations of the contrast like the Classic Contrast -style and the Baroque -style. When researching common styles for street photography I could not avoid seeing a lot of high contrast styles used. And this style is probing the realm beyond my Classic Contrast -style. It doesn’t have ultra high contrast, but I have avoided so far of using the amount of contrast I have in this style.

For me black&white styles, or even color styles, cannot just have contrast mindlessly “bumped” high. The balance of tones and the decision which tones in the curve are important is, well, important to me. I want to control the look more precisely. This style started as a color one and at some point I turned to tune it in black&white. I have many times seen this way suit me and I like the style I achieved.

I made two versions of the style. One of them is “color neutral”. But I really wanted this style to use split toning and the split toned version is my “favorite”, being the style used for the photographs in this post. Feel free to use the neutral version if You don’t like the tones I chose for the SplitT -version 🙂

I acknowledge the style has limited use on certain scenarios as there is too much micro contrast or clarity for those scenes, but on the other hand in many scenes it looks very good. Hopefully sharing this style benefits someone getting more choices for black&white photography.

The link to download the style is here:

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