Mundane BW Capture One -style

Another B&W -style, huh? Yes. This one came into existence as a coincidence when I was trying a color style mimicking the captn.look’s (Immanuel Sander’s) film simulation recipe “Nature Neon” that was published on Fuji X Weekly.

I like the look captn.look has in his photos in his Instagram, though I immediately knew that that look is not anything I personally would use as it’s not my style, it is his and well does he use it. Though as an experiment I tried the look and approached it with my Capture One -style Earth Tones II. While I found some similarity with the style I was struck with what I saw, this time I saw the color version in black&white. Still looking the color version I knew this would make an interesting black&white -style, and boy I was right. Nature Neon was forgotten when I started testing this monochrome style for different photos. And I certainly liked it. And what is most important to me, the look was different from all the black&white -styles I have so far created. Of course the color balance I had tuned for the Neon look affected here a lot as did the style underlying, the Earth Tones, which I do like in colors too.

This style was a difficult one to give a name. The look is nothing extraordinary, but it probably still could be used as “the only” B&W -style, as an all-purpose look. And here I got the idea for the name “Mundane”.

So, another choice for black&white photography 🙂 How many one could make before they start to look the same? I like how the whites come out with this style, and how “open” it does look, but still having good strong shadows. Did I say I like this one 🙂

And here is the link to the file:


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