Thick -styles and Colored Sepia -style for Capture One

This time I share some of my latest work in progress -styles. The styles started on the experiments based loosely on the reddish look that Immanuel Sander (captn.look in IG) has constantly used in his photos. While experimenting I decided that I try somekind of colored sepia look and that is where the style “Colored Sepia” was born. But my experiments led me to try something deeper looking style. And I tried to achieve a look where the darks get intense and there would be one slice of “right exposed” part in the image. This is where the style “Thick Colored Sepia” was born.

On the heels of the Thick Colored Sepia I wanted to make a version with cooler tones, just for fun, and this is the base for the style “Thick Cool”.

Above, Thick Colored Sepia -style
Above, Thick Cool -style
Above, Colored Sepia -style

As I already mentioned, these are not the most refined styles but are more like work in progress -styles. Try them with different subjects. With suitable subjects the thick -styles look fantastic making Your perfect shots look like failures, or maybe from another era. There is some similarity with my kFifties -style in the heaviness, but these are based on totally different colorscapes. The Colored Sepia is similar so that it works better with some subjects than others. But I guess I managed to get close to a look that is like “colourful sepia”.

My example photos of the Thick -styles aren’t showing the effect of “right exposure slice”, but with some other types of photos You can see the effect better. You have to decide the exposure and select the suitable slice yourself. You simply use the exposure compensation slider in Capture one.

Anyway, they are free, so be welcome to try and comment if You have ideas where to head with these kind of styles.

And the link to download is below:


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