Basics CC -style for Capture One

Fuji’s film simulation Classic Chrome was for a long time a favorite style among Fuji camera users. Now it has lost some of it’s appeal for those Fuji camera users that have access to the Classic Negative. Neither of these film simulations have appealed to me. But I wanted to understand better why the Classic Chrome doesn’t work for me. And I wanted to see if there were any way to improve the look for my own use.

I didn’t want to start with the Capture One’s original Classic Chrome style (which is limited to be used with Fuji’s RAF-files) but made a version for myself from the scratch. My version is not an exact copy of the film simulation, but I tried to copy the look as much I could so that I had “right” look to start from.

Included in the shared file is the “original” look (Basics CC) and some variations (Basics CC H+1 has raised highlights, Basics CC S+1 has darker shadows and Basics CC H+1 S+1 has both highlights and shadows raised). The variations don’t mimic the camera’s highlight or shadows settings, but the curves are changed according to my taste.

Many have stated that the Classic Chrome is made to look like Kodachrome and Fujifilm “couldn’t” name it after their competitor. My own understanding has been, that the look of the Classic Chrome is far from the look of Kodak films and Kodachrome, especially in the red colors. And, at least according to my study here, I found the original Classic Chrome to have quite “Fuji-like” cool reds. So, I would state that Fujifilm made Classic Chrome actually look like, well, Fuji’s films.

Anyway, I decided to make my own version with more Kodak’ish reds. Included in the shared files are couple of versions of Basics CC Kodak Red. Especially the Warm Color Balance -versions are my favorite. The difference is noticeable, and now I feel the look is more appealing than the original. My preference for the curve is to have raised highlights and leave the shadows at the original setting.

Here is a comparison of the original colors and the “Kodak” colors:

Basics CC H+1 original (left) and Kodak-colors (right)

The files are here:

It is nice to have this look now so I maybe can use it for further tweaking later.

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