K400 Light Capture One -style

I have seen a lot of photos either taken with Kodak Portra 400 or film emulations for digital files resembling Portra 400 to look a bit flat in contrast. It probably comes from the look that the film gets when it is underexposed a bit. And just because I like to make a variety of styles I wanted to try my hand with this kind of look.

Not a direct emulation of Portra 400, but a certain look that takes it’s ingredients from some images produced with this film I accomplished again a new Capture One -style and share this one too.

This style has a certain amount of warmness in highlights, is very uncontrasty and has flat and slightly blue shadows with tiny amount of added grain and haziness to break digital look and make the photo look more like an unperfect film photo than a photorealistic rendition of the scene. Having used the new tool in Capture One, Dehaze, in slight negative amount, this style probably is not wholly compatible with older versions of Capture One.

A direct comparison of K400 Light -style (left) and my older kPro II -style (right)

For certain scenes this style really looks nice, but it certainly isn’t going to please all parties and don’t work with all usage scenarios. If You like similar colorscape with more contrast then my earlier kPro II -style might be the better choice. That style is actually modeled more after the Portra 800 film.

Free style, as always. Comment if You liked it. And the link is here:

The package includes two versions, K400 Light and K400 Light 2. The Light 2 -version isn’t “improved” version, but a bit more contrasty version. I really was aiming for the less contrasty look, but made the more contrasty version just to study how the look “behaves” with such a change.

A direct comparison of K400 Light -style (left) and my older kPro II -style (right)
A direct comparison of K400 Light -style (left) and my older kPro II -style (right)

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