P400 Warm Capture One -style

On the heels of the K400 Light -style I made just another Kodak colors (warm colors) inspired style. How many one can make? Answer is, quite a few.

Some angels, P400 Warm -style
X-H1, XF35mm F1.4

While K400 Light -style shared underlying genes with my kPro II -style (which is loosely based on the Portra 800 in appearance), this P400 Warm -style was a new creation. My aim was to achieve a look that I personally relate to the Portra 400, but with very warm and saturated color palette. The similarities with the film is just coincidental, no comparison has been made here to the actual film, the whole look is just my preference. I guess You can find similarities in the look with some Fuji film simulation recipes that are based on the Classic Chrome and are imitating Portra -look, but in the end this is just a warm style that tries to look as “film-like” as possible. I added grain just to “soften” corners a bit and the clarity settings are “soft” to further give film-likeness. For me this is one of the most “analog” -looks I have created so far. As the style is quite “dark” You might need a bit of exposure lift in C1 depending on the photo and how it is exposed.

A well, P400 Warm -style
X-H1, XF23mm F1.4

These styles are studies and I record my studies by publishing the results, the styles, in my blog. They are free and You might not expect much from them, but personally I try to make most of my styles suitable for wide range of subjects and I would say they are “well tested” before publishing. I can say of this style that I like it and recommend it, as most of my styles :-).

Thunderbird, P400 Warm -style
X-H1, XF35mm F1.4

And the link to download the style is here:

P400 Warm -style, Photo by Daniel Hager
photo source: https://boutiqueretouching.com/

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