Nostalgic Portra Capture One -style

Having tuned many insignificant styles since my last post I found out that my styles K400 Light and P400 Warm were approaching same goal with very different results. I decided to try how they look when I combine their looks. I had in mind a “memory” of a look that some photos taken with Portra 400 film have. And it was warm and light at the same time.

I actually had one reference photo, taken with a medium format camera with Portra 400. I tried to copy some elements from this particular photo to this new style. But my approach making this style certainly isn’t scientific. I think that making these styles is a form of art in itself. And the goal is not to replicate a look exactly, but with my own vision and preferences.

Nostalgic Portra C1 -style

This style got, in addition to combining the two styles mentioned, some split toning. I toned separately shadows, middle tones and highlights. My biggest gripe with Fuji’s film simulation recipes circulating around the web is that one cannot give but one tint for the whole image. Of course the limitations of in-camera processing compared to a raw processor is obvious in many other ways. But I would love to tune more of the colors in-camera and at the moment I won’t use heavy tweaking to film simulations in-camera. For this style I gave the shadows near purple tone, middle tones got golden orange tone (which usually is affecting the whole image when you make white balance shifts to film simulations), and the highlights got a hint of red. This is how I see the colors in my reference photo (which in itself might be post processed with false colors, but I liked what I see).

The style is light, shadows almost lifted so that there is no deep black. And the highlights are strongly “tamed”. Overall appearance is light and warm, and with the choices mentioned before a bit flat, as was intended. And the look is very much what I was trying to achieve. Comparing this to the P400 Warm -style I personally like that more overall as that one is one of my all-time favorites that I have created so far. I guess my reference photo is not as warm as P400 Warm -style and so this new one also got less warm than I originally intended.

Hopefully you will find the look interesting and maybe even useful either as is, or tweaked to your taste. Let me know which one you prefer, the K400 Light, P400 Warm or this new one.

And here is the link to download this style:

Nostalgic Portra C1 -style

2 thoughts on “Nostalgic Portra Capture One -style”

    1. I do not publish people photographs though I always test these styles with many different photos that include people. This style has many elements that make direct comparison against “real” Portra really difficult. The reference photo for example was wrongly exposed. The kPro II -style has been tuned closest to Portra 800 as I could with limited reference. My other styles that take their inspiration from Portra films aren’t bad looking for people photography but they certainly are not exact copies (I would love to get raw files and film scans from same subject).


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