Obsolete 5600K Capture One -style

I have now been tweaking a new style for quite a long time. The style started with my Classic Chrome look-alike -style (Basics CC -style) and progressed like twigs of a tree into many different paths. I “cut the twigs” that weren’t to my liking and continued with one certain path. I collected cues of the look of newer Kodachrome slides and continued tweaking the style with some ingredients that I haven’t used before. The look grow into an acceptable film look-alike style. I couldn’t get the colors and contrast into such extremes I aimed to, so the final look is quite balanced for different scenarios. There are Kodak -kind wild reds and yellows and some smaller color tweaks. The style is quite picky on exposure and many times needs a positive exposure compensation. A low exposure look is not intentional.

I used some new (to me) tricks like low noise reduction and little toning to shadows and highlights. One important thing that I did do, was to set the white balance to 5.600 Kelvin. This certainly gives a hint to the viewer that there aren’t complicated computed white balance settings going on, but like with real film the color balance differs with different time of day or if the photo was taken inside. You might want to correct the white balance. Do it by all means if necessary, but my goal was to set it up so that the look is not analytically correct.

Above, A view towards Presidential Palace, Helsinki, Obsolete 5600K -style
Above, an old Mini, Obsolete 5600K -style

I do like the outcome. It really isn’t a life changing look. With all the tweaks under the hood it still is quite balanced style. The reds and yellows are plain wrong, but at least for me they still look beautiful. It probably replaces the K14 II -style for my own usage during the summer time. And I have to mention that all the presented photos here are at 5.600 Kelvin.

An abandoned house, Obsolete 5600K -style

This style is available for download here:

Hope you like it. Comment below.

Above, a farm in Helsinki, Obsolete 5600K -style
A farm in Helsinki, Obsolete 5600K -style

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