NS160 III (Capture One -style)

This particular look has enticed me from the very beginning of using Capture One. With two iterations before I still wanted to study this look more and make it even more likable. The film which has given the name for this look is not familiar to me but from all the pictures I have seen in the web. I hope the look is similar enough that the naming is not too much off for the style.

Mini in red, NS160 -style

This style has evolved so that the greens are clearly less striking, the blues are less saturated and the brown-red-hues have totally new setup. The original strong practically unnatural reds have been maintained as well as I could, but skin tones overall have been toned down (lobsters still look like lobsters, but not everyone look like lobsters anymore). The facial structures (skin included) have a flatter appearance and thus this looks more like a portrait-style than in the previous iterations. My previous iterations had more green cast that looked nice and is typical for many photos shown in the web, but I decided to tune it down though not entirely getting rid of it. Also many other tweaks were made on top of the previous iteration and I personally like those changes.

Velodromi, NS160 -style

This style uses in-camera white-balance setting (Mode: Shot). If the colors seem to be off-chart, it probably means you have to manually set the white balance (and zero the tint). And this style is really picky with white balance setting. Then again, this style is not intended to even look totally color correct with strongly tweaked reds and greens. In addition the whites aren’t pure whites as the original film does have a (to my eye) beautiful color cast in whites making them somehow “cream-like”.

This style replaces the previous iteration.

Here is the link to download this style:

Helsinki, NS160 -style

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