Documentary -style for Capture One

After purchasing to Fujifilm system I got interested with the idea of “documentary” -style. How would I define such? I saw a lot of pics taken with the Classic Chrome film simulation and also with Kodachrome, that somehow have defined to me a bit of what could the “documentary” -style look like. I just have not found “my style” with the Classic Chrome.

I have entertained with the idea of cooking a “documentary” -style for Capture One. Some attempts I did make, but maybe I didn’t have a clue what I really was after. Suddenly, yesterday, I had a clear vision how the look should be and I finalized that look today.

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My Capture One Prime B&W -style (and get all the B&W -styles I have made so far)

I have not been so keen B&W photographer in the past. Afterwards thinking, I guess, one big reason for that has been that I haven’t been able to tweak the B&W look and have fallen to use simple conversion from color photographs. And that was one effective reason I so happily chose Fuji X camera as it already has good inbuilt B&W simulations.

I like, as many other Fuji owners, the Acros film simulation. I have seen some master it so that the resulting look is fantastically beautiful. My photos are pale farts compared to those, but I still like the idea of getting more options for my photography… or, maybe I just like technical designing more than photography. What ever the reason, I started crafting a B&W style that is independent of the Fuji’s Acros curve and would somehow look as special as that Acros film simulation but with my own preferences.

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My Capture One Kinematography styles

The idea to try and make this Capture One style sprung in my mind when I watched a document of the very early films taken with Kinematography, the device used by Lumiere brothers. I saw interesting B&W scenes that somehow were very contrasty, but at the same time included a lot of hues. I thought, why would this look not be possible in color. So I went to Capture One to see what I could achieve. I took the K14 style and tweaked to my hearts content (actually, only some minutes 🙂 ). I ended up with two different versions, lighter and darker. Neither of them were truly what I was after and somehow lost my interest to continue. But as time went by I tried those work in progress styles on different subjects, and to my amazement found them very useful and giving interesting look to my photos. Both of them worked in color and black and white.

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NS160 – My Fuji Pro 160NS look a like Capture One style

Edit 12.6.2020: I removed the photos and download link from this post to preserve space for new articles as this style has now newer versions.

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