fPro II Capture One -style

This is a short post to offer a renewed version of the fPro Portrait -style I have published earlier. The first version was very low contrast and while it looks good to me I have later observed that there was a place for a version that has deeper shadows. Practically there were no other areas that I saw necessary to tune. You might want to compare this to the kPro II -style. The kPro II -style is totally new creation that has actually nothing to do with the old kPro -version. This fPro II -style is based on the original fPro -style. Still, I think these two new versions complement each other nicely.

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Strong Contrast B&W Capture One -style

This Capture One -style was actually ready before the latest style, the PaleColor Blue. But I wanted to be sure if I really like this one with the chosen settings and publish it now. I have made quite many black&white styles for Capture One. Some of them have been very low contrast like the DoubleA -style and some have had different interpretations of the contrast like the Classic Contrast -style and the Baroque -style. When researching common styles for street photography I could not avoid seeing a lot of high contrast styles used. And this style is probing the realm beyond my Classic Contrast -style. It doesn’t have ultra high contrast, but I have avoided so far of using the amount of contrast I have in this style.

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PaleColor Blue Capture One -style

This Capture One -style was a result of inspiration I got when I searched for some trends and common looks for street photography. My first idea was that I would create a high contrast style. The reason for the initial thought was that many many Fuji photographers that use Fuji’s film simulations tune their settings to a very contrasty ones for street photography. But during the hours of browsing different photos I found some interesting low contrast looks that I haven’t explored much with Capture One. At this point I have to mention that I have seen excellent street photographs with almost all kinds of films, styles and setups, and of course the main thing is the subject, not the style or preset used. On the other hand my tunings with Capture One are as much a hobby as the photography itself and I want to set challenges to myself.

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People -style for Capture One

I’ve done lots of different styles for Capture One. Usually I have a goal where to head to and pursue to get the look I am after. During the process of making a new style for nature-photography I accidentally tweaked a version that wasn’t saturated enough for nature photography, but had a wonderful curve that could be used for example for people photographs. The colors for the nature -style were under the hood but less saturated. And the curve makes facial structures and how the light plays there just perfect. Also skin tones, while they were over the board in the Nature II -style, looked quite good to me with this less saturated version.

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Nature II Capture One -style

This style is a total remake and does not have anything in common with my previous Nature -style. Actually, I did not much appreciate the previous version as I, at that time, was not able to tweak a satisfactory style for nature photography. I even removed the old post as I do not want to indicate that it should be used for something.

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K Fifties Capture One -style

This is a quick edit and uses the K14 II -style as basis. I browsed through some 50’s Kodachrome photos and decided to try how easily I could approach the look. I saw many photos that were very “heavy” looking with strong color tint being grainy and unsharp. And while I have seen very clean color corrected Kodachrome photos from that era I decided to try the heavy color tinted look :-).

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VisionFilm 500D II – new version of the Capture One -style

I have made new versions of my earliest Capture One -styles K14 and NS160. I also wanted to share this new version of the VisionFilm 500D -look that I was very keen to accomplish in the beginning and which was one of the reasons to pay for Capture One Pro.

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kPro II Capture One -style

This time my tinkering with the Capture One lead me to make an “all purpose” -style. My previous styles have had quite a lot of emphasis towards some certain “look”, were it portrait or “moody” black & white. I took some visual clues from Kodak Portra 800 when making this style, but with quite a limited visual resources for the film I had to form the look more based on my preferences than the film it was inspired.

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