Mundane BW Capture One -style

Another B&W -style, huh? Yes. This one came into existence as a coincidence when I was trying a color style mimicking the captn.look’s (Immanuel Sander’s) film simulation recipe “Nature Neon” that was published on Fuji X Weekly.

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fPro II Capture One -style

This is a short post to offer a renewed version of the fPro Portrait -style I have published earlier. The first version was very low contrast and while it looks good to me I have later observed that there was a place for a version that has deeper shadows. Practically there were no other areas that I saw necessary to tune. You might want to compare this to the kPro II -style. The kPro II -style is totally new creation that has actually nothing to do with the old kPro -version. This fPro II -style is based on the original fPro -style. Still, I think these two new versions complement each other nicely.

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VisionFilm 500D II – new version of the Capture One -style

I have made new versions of my earliest Capture One -styles K14 and NS160. I also wanted to share this new version of the VisionFilm 500D -look that I was very keen to accomplish in the beginning and which was one of the reasons to pay for Capture One Pro.

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kPro II Capture One -style

This time my tinkering with the Capture One lead me to make an “all purpose” -style. My previous styles have had quite a lot of emphasis towards some certain “look”, were it portrait or “moody” black & white. I took some visual clues from Kodak Portra 800 when making this style, but with quite a limited visual resources for the film I had to form the look more based on my preferences than the film it was inspired.

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