P400 II Capture One -style

I have tuned many styles that have some similarity with Portra films. kPro II -style was made with some direct reference photos of Portra 800. Those photos had quite limited color range so even with the references I had to use my own vision and imagination and other sources to tune it, and the look is quite neutral and maybe not very succesful in mimicking the look, but I still like that style. I also made a Nostalgic Portra -style based on very limited references with raised shadows and color toning I found in some photos. The outcome was near what I was aiming at, but I guess it is quite limited in it’s usage. P400 Warm -style was totally based on my own interpretation and vision how I see and prefer a warm Portra 400 -film look-a-like style should look. I still like that style, but having done so many styles without very good references I wanted to check if I could tune the colors based on color chart references from real Portra 400 film.

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NS160 III (Capture One -style)

This particular look has enticed me from the very beginning of using Capture One. With two iterations before I still wanted to study this look more and make it even more likable. The film which has given the name for this look is not familiar to me but from all the pictures I have seen in the web. I hope the look is similar enough that the naming is not too much off for the style.

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Obsolete 5600K Capture One -style

I have now been tweaking a new style for quite a long time. The style started with my Classic Chrome look-alike -style (Basics CC -style) and progressed like twigs of a tree into many different paths. I “cut the twigs” that weren’t to my liking and continued with one certain path. I collected cues of the look of newer Kodachrome slides and continued tweaking the style with some ingredients that I haven’t used before. The look grow into an acceptable film look-alike style. I couldn’t get the colors and contrast into such extremes I aimed to, so the final look is quite balanced for different scenarios. There are Kodak -kind wild reds and yellows and some smaller color tweaks. The style is quite picky on exposure and many times needs a positive exposure compensation. A low exposure look is not intentional.

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Nostalgic Portra Capture One -style

Having tuned many insignificant styles since my last post I found out that my styles K400 Light and P400 Warm were approaching same goal with very different results. I decided to try how they look when I combine their looks. I had in mind a “memory” of a look that some photos taken with Portra 400 film have. And it was warm and light at the same time.

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K400 Light Capture One -style

I have seen a lot of photos either taken with Kodak Portra 400 or film emulations for digital files resembling Portra 400 to look a bit flat in contrast. It probably comes from the look that the film gets when it is underexposed a bit. And just because I like to make a variety of styles I wanted to try my hand with this kind of look.

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