Running down the site one by one

I know this blog is quite well found and read in the internet. But I think there comes a time to acknowledge the information provided is no longer valid and interesting. What comes to the Fujifilm film simulations, and recipes made out of them, I did not much explore that part and gladly left in the early phases this kind of thing to others. I personally concentrated to making styles for Capture One and my new blog is centered on that theme.

All my current Capture One -styles are on the new blog. I removed most of the content from these pages as there practically is a new version of my creations offered and the old ones aren’t necessary to be kept here.

I though I’ll leave some posts still active here, just to make it possible to find the new site :-). See you there.

A quick link to my new version of P400 Capture One -style, on my other blog :-)

This is a totally new reconstruction of Portra 400 look, or more precisely, the colorscape of Portra 400. Go check it out. The old one (P400 III) has some color problems that I have become aware of, and it just don’t work with every scene. Hopefully this one does it :-).

New blog

So, what happened? I went and sold all Fujifilm gear. That was purely intuitional impulse decision. I was about to buy my daughter a new camera and as Fujifilm don’t offer any suitable solution for simplistic photography I tested some Canon full frame options for her. But after coming to the conclusion that the mechanical shutter noise was too high in the cheaper Canon R models I happened to grab in my hand a Nikon Z, Z6 II, while I was still in the shop. And immediately after I had looked into the viewfinder I was sold. So I bought for myself a Nikon Z. And my daughter’s camera purchase is still on hold as she actually received a good different brand camera for a loan for the time being.

I have for a long time wanted to make a new blog that is not solely related to the Fuji-name. And now I got my reason and my new blog is here:
Capture One2Three – by Veijo Matikainen

I still plan to continue to make free Capture One -styles and publish them in the new site. And they are usable with any camera-system’s raw-files, Fuji’s too :-). See you there!